Do not believe the leads thinking, with these quick mini-credits you will pay the bill of the light

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Electricity consumption stood at 5.1% in February, a point and a half above the previous month, according to data published by Bankia Estudios. A figure was around -2.0% when the year began. If we have noticed this increase in our electricity bill and we do not get the numbers, in this article we find three solutions to this problem so that it does not complicate us to reach the end of the month. In the market there are lenders who offer quick mini-credits through the Internet and in just a few minutes.

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The solution when your electricity bill is not what you expected

Image result for electricity billSometimes reality exceeds fiction, and the amount we had been paying on our electricity bill has nothing to do with the figure we just received. Also, we are not always prepared. If we are recovering from the excesses of the holidays, it may be difficult to comply with the receipt without risking our financial capacity to reach the end of the month. In these cases, fast loans can be the solution to get up to 300 euros if we are new customers without falling into default. Below, we show some private credit companies that offer financing in a few minutes to cover this mishap and reimburse this receipt:

Loan Maximum amount Cost / € 100 to 30 days Term I’m interested
Minicrédito Vivus Up to € 300 new customers Free Up to 30 days
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Dineo Minicredit Up to € 300 new customers Free Up to 30 days
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Ferratum Minicredit Up to € 300 new customers Free Up to 30 days
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If we take advantage of the promotions that some lenders usually launch, we can get the financing we need and return it without paying interest. The capital that we are going to have will depend, in most cases, on whether we have requested other quick mini-credits with this same entity. If we compare products in the market, not only can we solve the problem, but we will also have done it totally free.

Do not let the quick minicréditos get out of hand

Although quick mini-credits can save us from some other annoyance, it is advisable not to resort to them to request financing in any situation. These are credit products designed to cover specific incidentals, so if we want to get the most out of them, it is necessary to go to them only in cases of emergency. Therefore, they will be a way to obtain urgent money in a timely manner and in the short term.

In addition, they are credit products with an average interest of 1.1% according to the data of the Bank of Spain . A percentage higher than other credits that we can find in the market. Taken into practice, for an amount of 100 euros that we will reimburse in 30 days, we will have to add the interest generated   of 33 euros for having the capital and solving our financial problem. A price that, although it may seem high, makes the difference between arriving or not at the end of the month thanks to the quick mini-credits.