CreditoZen mini-credits with ASNEF

CreditoZenWith CreditoZen you can request a mini-credit of up to € 1,000 even with ASNEF and without payroll. CreditoZen offers the cheapest interest rate in the online credit market. You can get money urgently in just 10 minutes.


Benefits Free: First free credit No Payroll: Yes With Asnef: Yes Cash: Do not Limits Minimum term: 5 days Deadline: 30 days Minimum loan: € 50 Maximum loan: € 1,000

Additional information of CreditoZen

 CreditoZen is a company specialized in small quick credits through Internet that allows to request minipréstans of up to 1.000 euros with a return period of up to 30 days without questions and without papers, it even allows to request mini-credits with ASNEF .

To get the urgent money you need, you simply have to fill in the application with your personal information, you will see that the feasibility study is done in a few minutes and that you receive the money instantly.

In addition, the first loan of up to 300 euros is free and without interest .

CreditoZen applies interest rates well below the rest of fast-credit companies, the only requirement is to have some source of income such as payroll, pension or unemployment benefit. Getting a credit in CreditoZen is simple, fast and cheaper than in other financial ones. Of course, as we have said, new customers can only request up to € 300 on their first loan, to also return in a maximum of 30 days.

How to apply for a quick loan at CreditoZen

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To request an amount of money in CreditoZen you have to do it through the Internet, so to make a request the first step is to have a device with connection and access the CreditoZen website to start the process. All the process takes very few minutes and the money is received as soon as the automatic system approves the granting of credit.

The first step is to choose the amount and the term taking into account that new customers can not ask for more than € 300, although in the following credits they may request up to € 1,000. Automatically CreditoZen offers on the screen the amount to be returned, and if we are satisfied we fill in the personal and contact information .

After completing the data, CreditoZen verifies the veracity of the same, normally automatic identity verification systems are used through Instantor, in this way the process is streamlined by avoiding the sending of papers and documentation . In some cases and only for new clients CreditoZen can request some additional verification, but in that case they will contact directly with the client.

Finally, if the request is accepted, the money is automatically transferred to the customer’s account and the client can use it for whatever they want, since there is no need to explain the purpose of the money.

Apply for mini-credit with ASNEF in CreditoZen

CreditoZen loans money to people that appear in ASNEF, the process to request a mini credit with ASNEF is exactly the same. The company automatically checks the ASNEF files to check the debts of its customers.

The only limitation is that the debts registered in ASNEF can not exceed € 1,500 , it is a higher figure than its competitors and therefore it is easier to get one of these loans in CreditoZen than in other companies if you are in one of these lists .

Requirements to obtain a loan at CreditoZen

Although the requirements to get urgent money in CreditoZen are few, all must be met or the urgent credit will not be obtained. The conditions that must be met are the following:

  • Reside in Spain and be the holder of a Spanish DNI or NIE.
  • Be between 18 and 70 years old.
  • Do not have debts in ASNEF higher than € 1,500
  • Have some source of income (payroll, pension, unemployment, etc.).
  • Have an account in which the credit is entered: can be as owner, authorized or representative.
  • Have a mobile number and email account to contact.

Fulfilling the above, the money will be received instantly and in a few minutes as the mini credits of CreditoZen do not require any type of guarantee or additional guarantee. It is not mandatory to have a payroll, but a source of income to return the money.

Advantages of CreditoZen mini-loans

This company arrives at the market of fast loans with some advantages over its competitors, its main difference is that the interest rate applied to its credits is much lower than that of the competition, specifically the cost is around 35% lower than the rest, therefore it is the cheapest mini-credit that can be hired at the moment.

Although there are other companies that grant loans with ASNEF, CreditoZen is the one with the highest probability of obtaining financing, since the maximum limit that they admit of debts in ASNEF is 1,500 euros, above their competitors.